Monday, November 11, 2019

Hydroponic Prototype

WALT: we are learning about hydroponic systems.

Why did you choose this hydroponic design? I chose this hydroponic design because I thought that it would be fun and it would challenge my brain to learn new things about hydroponic gardening. It will also help me learn about photosynthesis which helps the plants grow. The Water & sunlight gets in the hydroponic set up by shining in through the gaps which reflects off the plant causing it to get bigger & stronger. By Leah Equipment list Water, Sunlight, Plastic cups, Timber, Guttering. By Leah       

How do you think I could improve?

Leahs Math quiz

This is my math quiz
we have been learning to make a math slide  and post it on our blogs

What have you been learning this week

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Duffy Show Leah.

The Duffy Show
 It was Monday morning and the whole school created a stampede into the hall. As we entered my eyes were I just about fell asleep. Before you know it the puzzler came out and started to create a big racket out of all the magic bricks it was so loud it just about gave my ears a heart attack!!! Duffy finally got out of the game by doing a really annoying dance.

At last, it was finished when we walked back to class my legs felt like they were going to fall off and my ears felt like they were swimming in boiling hot lava pools. My eyes could barely see anything. When I got into class I sat dun had a little talk and BAM straight back to work.
As I walked inside my house I was relieved no shows no school work and no annoying friends.

By Leah.

Monday, August 19, 2019

Monday, August 12, 2019

How to play Netball

HOW TO PLAY NETBALL:  Introduction: Netball is a complex sport that includes speed focus and lots of practice.

 1-So, when you get the ball, pass it to a close team mate that is not getting defended by another team.
Pass the ball to your teammate then get it as close as possible to the hoop then try and get it into the goal. 2-If the other team has the ball try to defend them by putting your hands up.

When the other team passes the ball jump as high as you can then steal the ball from the air.

 3-If you try to get the ball into the hoop and it bounces off the rim trying to catch it to get a rebound. So when you shoot the ball try to defend or catch the ball before the other team gets it.

 Conclusion: When the ball goes in the hoop, the team that ends up with the most points wins the whole game.

Friday, August 9, 2019

Leahs kauri tree life cylce 2019

 WALT-We have been learning to post screencastifys onto our blogs 
When I first started sharing screencastifys onto my blog I thought it was hard" but I got the hang of it.  When I was learning about kauri trees I learned/found out that there were two types of kauri trees the female and the mail